Deltavision TV Repair

Deltavision TV Repair

Important notice from Deltavision TV
In order to avoid catching (and spreading) Coronavirus (COVID 19) and to minimise any risk to my valued customers and my family, the following steps are being taken.

Deltavision TV is now open for business but with careful measures in place.

You can still contact me in the usual way, either by phone, SMS, Facebook messenger, or by using the contact page.

I will be happy to take in any repairs you may have, but every precaution will be taken regarding prevention of spread of the COVID 19 virus.

You are welcome to bring your faulty TVs VCRs DVDs etc but please phone first.

These items will then be carefully wiped down thoroughly with a suitable mild disinfectant on delivery to me, and again when you collect them.
The disinfectant has been tested on many surfaces and products with no adverse effects to their surfaces, but if you have concerns about this, please do not bring them.

Thank you for your co-operation in these awful times, but I am sure if we all act responsibly and follow central government guidelines, we will eventually see the end of this.

Please be assured, if I or any of my family show any of the symptoms of COVID 19 infection, we will self-isolate and business will close immediately.

To all my customers, please stay safe!

Personal Service At Affordable Prices

Hi, welcome to Deltavision TV Repair


I am here to expertly carry out all your domestic electronic appliance repairs

I repair ALL makes and models of Television, including top brands like Samsung LED TV, Samsung LCD TV, Samsung Plasma TV, LG LED TV, LG LCD TV, and LG Plasma TV. Toshiba LED TV, Sony, also Hitachi and Philips. LCD, LED, Plasma, CRT TV, DVD and DVD recorders, Freeview boxes and Freeview Recorders, Video Cassette Recorders and VCR / DVD Combi units.

I also repair Audio HI-FI Systems both modern ones such as Bose, Bang and Olufsen and Blaupunkt and also many vintage items, from the sixties, seventies eighties and nineties including makes such as Hacker, Bush, Fidelity and many more items….

If you have new equipment and need it set up in your home I can also sort that out for you.

I am fully insured, and all work is fully guaranteed.

I also sell LCD and Plasma TVs of various sizes, and they are all guaranteed. Please see my “Items for sale” page.

In this new technological world of computer and internet based television, radio, and recording equipment, we all need to be reassured things will all work ok. That is not always the case, but having someone at hand that you can call on if things do go wrong, can be very reassuring.

When things go wrong with modern Hi tech domestic equipment, it can be really frustrating. Deltavision TV Repair is familiar with this technology, and can usually offer a satisfactory solution.


I pride myself in having the ability and knowledge to ensure your faulty equipment, whether it’s an LCD TV, or an old transistor radio from the 1970’s can be repaired, or reconfigured if there’s a problem.

I have been working on TV and audio HI-FI during its evolution from thermionic valves to transistors, to integrated circuits and microprocessors etc, over the past 30+ years, so there are not many electronic items I haven’t seen, or repaired.

Electronic components

The old adage that “the customer is always right” is the way I do business, so if ever there is a problem of ANY kind during your service from me, I will sort it out to meet the high standard you want to expect from me, I have serviced equipment for hundreds of happy customers, and I do not believe in leaving people dissatisfied.

Many people, as you may be aware, find me on the internet, and many of them write me an excellent review on listings such as Google, Freeindex, Touch local/ ScootFacebook, and many more, or sometimes happy customers just pick up the phone, or send a text to let me know they are happy with my work, and good value for money my service has been.

I offer (where possible) free estimates, and a free call out to local (South Birmingham) customers, I may call to addresses further afield, for a small charge, please enquire.

The majority of television repairs I do are Samsung, LG, and several variants of TV using the chassis supplied by the Turkish company Vestel, such as Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sharp, Bush, Alba and Acoustic solutions.

I am finding more top level companies like Panasonic, Philips, JVC, Sanyo and Ferguson are also using these cheaper generic chassis.

During LED TV repairs, and LCD TV repairs, many faults I encounter with these brands are software or firmware related, which can be a problem.

This usually leaves the TV “stuck in standby, with only the standby LED alight, with no response from the remote control handset, or the TV buttons.

There are so many variants of these chassis, and so many variants of the firmware (that controls how they work) that I do, where possible, save all the relevant information I can obtain, for future use, so that I can cross- reference the various TV chassis, and the appropriate software files to return them to full functionality.

If I have a TV in for repair, particularly using a Vestel chassis, in order to combat the lack of available software for these Vestel based brands, I will de-solder, and remove the EEPROM (the main memory IC), then copy its contents to my hard drive, so I can use it to reprogram other TV EEPROMS if they have become corrupt and inoperative. This can help me get around many software related issues

I find recently the vast majority of the later LED backlit TV’s, suffer a backlight failure, which will leave you with a completely black screen, and usually with the sound still present.

Most Smart TV’s, apart from the Plasma ones, are LED backlit, so these also tend to suffer from the same phenomenon.

Deltavision TV Repair has resolved many LED backlight issues, having the latest equipment to correctly diagnose this, and has the skills to strip down, most LED screens to enable me to diagnose and repair any LED backlight array. This is an extremely delicate process, and should not be undertaken casually, as the slightest mistake here can lead to permanent damage to a TV screen’s frail structure.

Many faults, whether they are with plasma, LED or LCD TV, Audio HI-FI equipment, DVD recorders or players, older and newer may at some time suffer a power failure, within their power supply units, and in most cases I will repair the power supply unit, rather than taking the more expensive option of replacement. This will always result in an acceptable repair estimate, and overall better results, as I perform a complete service on all power boards to ensure they will last for the full life of the equipment they are fitted in.

Vestel power supply board
Broken LCD screen

Unfortunately a broken screen is normally beyond economical repair, occasionally we may have a screen, if it's a common type.

Flat screen acrylic protector

Acrylic flat screen protectors are an excellent solution to prevent damage to your valuable and delicate screens.

Unfortunately, many calls I get from people are for broken LCD screens, or broken plasma screens. In the vast majority of cases the repair estimate would be more than the original purchase price of the TV, as the replacement screen for most makes and models would cost in the region of 75% of the TV’s value, then if you add labour charges etc, you would usually find it a cheaper option to replace the TV, it is sad, but true unfortunately.

I will, however inspect any TV with a broken screen and type up a report, (for a fee) so you can make a claim from your home contents insurance. The fee I charge should then be refunded by your insurance company, please check this first, not all insurance companies ask for this.

There are several companies that advertise on the internet for flat screen “screen protectors”, these consist of a formed sheet of clear acrylic usually with mounts or straps, to enable them to be used with ANY flat screen TV.

I consider these to be an extremely good purchase at around £50 and suggest everyone should take this into consideration when budgeting for a new (or second hand) TV.

At Deltavision TV Repair, apart from television repair, I take in other electronic repairs, such as power tool chargers, some electronic circuit boards for domestic washing machines and other white goods.

I also take the older CRT television repairs and VCR machines, DVD combi repairs

All my work is guaranteed and I am fully insured.

Free Estimates........Free Loan TV Can Often Be Provided........All Work Guaranteed


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We repair TV, LCD TV repair, LED TV repair, Plasma TV repair, Audio system repairs, HIFI repairs, DVD repairs, and most electronic repairs.

We repair most makes and models of domestic electronic goods. All work is guaranteed.

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We repair the older CRT TVs also

If you have one of the earlier, CRT televisions,

we also service these too!