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Repair methods we use

EEPROM (NVM) file corruption


I had a 32" LED TV in for service with the "stuck in standby" symptom. This can be caused by a whole range of things from problems in the power supply, to a faulty main board (SSB). In this case the TV's NVM (EEPROM) ic was corrupted.


This is the main memory ic that has all the data to tell the main board microprocessor how to perform, ie, how to start up, what modes and levels should be loaded.


Any information in here that isn't quite right can cause many different problems, and the TV would not work properly.


We sometimes can obtain the file to re-program the EEPROM, and in this case I managed to get one for a very similar main board/ TV, although not exact, so it may work, it may not! This time I was lucky, and my valuable time not wasted.



LCD/ LED TV T-Con (Timing controller) repair methods.

Problems on Tcon boards usually manifest themselves as various picture anomalies, ranging from no picture at all (completely black or white screen) to weird "rainbow" effects. Not always are these problems repairable, but many are.

The gallery below contains images of some of the faults encountered in our workshop.

I will add more pictures to this section as i encounter them.

This is how I replace the AS15-F TFT buffer IC found on many T-con boards. This chip can be responsible for many varied picture faults (please see previous section.

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